Sustainable Schools Initiative

The Green Solutions Sustainable Schools initiative has been created to ignite school students’ and their educators’ interest in recycling green waste for environmental sustainability.

By offering this program to schools in the Wide Bay region, our aim is to educate the next generation of recyclers and our local community on the benefits of creating soil conditioners from green waste, and encourage everyone to actively participate in doing something good for the planet.

Information Tailored to Year Level or Learning Unit

Prep – Year 3

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle lessons
  • Changing habits with green waste to contribute to environmental sustainability in our community
  • Earth’s resources

Year 4 – Year 6

  • Taking ownership of our environmental footprints
  • Where does our green waste go?
  • What we can do with green waste to help our environment
  • Food chain relationships

Year 7 – Year 9

  • Managing natural resources for the future
  • Soil biodiversity and microscopic structures
  • Chemical changes and energy transfer
  • Protecting water resources
  • Food productions and food security

Year 10 – Year 12

  • Environmental management strategies
  • Biodiversity and interrelated ecosystems
  • Micro-organisms
  • Earth systems and energy transfer
  • Sustainable places and land cover transformation

Our educator information pack is available now

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417 Windermere Road, Qunaba, QLD 4670