Composting Process

Our Composting Process

Green Solutions is a subsidiary of Greensill Farming, an eco-conscious organisation and one of Australia’s largest sweet potato, sugar cane, peanut, and broad acre crop operations – farming over 3000 hectares of land and supplying produce to both domestic and international markets.

With planet-friendly innovation a primary goal, Greensill Farming constantly search for and implement methods to minimise the environmental impact of farming operations.

Green Solutions Wide Bay enables Greensill Farming to utilise a closed-loop farming solution where what would normally be considered agricultural ‘waste’ is converted onsite into valuable soil enriching compost. This organically created fertiliser performs remarkably well and provides a number of benefits and efficiencies for the farming operation at large.

The composting process at Green Solutions Wide Bay is simple.  Green waste is dropped off at the site (at no cost to the resident).  It is screened carefully to ensure that only appropriate materials are processed, then the raw material is ground to the required specification.  Once ground, the material is formed into windrows and turned periodically then left to cure.  Prior to curing, the compost is pasteurised (in line with Australian Standard AS4454) to eliminate seeds, weeds, and harmful pathogens.

The curing process allows the temperature to stabilise and maintain the correct moisture aeration levels required to break the raw material down.  After the curing process, the compost is screened to eliminate oversized pieces and to ensure there are no contaminants.  Once the compost passes the screen specification it is finished, delivered to the farms, and turned into the soil.

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