Soil Biodiversity
maximising green waste to create soil biodiversity and

Reduce our Planet’s carbon footprint

The need to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint forms part of our long-term sustainability strategy.  Green Solutions Wide Bay provides a facility for our local community to dispose of green waste ethically and help us create a more sustainable environment for the future. 

Organic green waste is teeming with rich nutrients that can easily be returned to the soil safely rather than being thrown out as general garbage.  Redirecting your green waste to Green Solutions Wide Bay is a simple action that will go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint.  Compost created through our facility will be returned to the Earth and help create soil biodiversity.


Benefits of Soil Biodiversity

Eases the strain on landfills

Boosts Soil Biodiversity

Reduces weeds

Reduces Greenhouse emissions

Prevents water evaporation

Not everyone sees the value of repurposing green waste and still engage in illegal dumping practices.  Illegal dumping is an ongoing issue for our local council and state government.  To report incidences of illegal dumping and to find out more about this issue, visit

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417 Windermere Road, Qunaba, QLD 4670